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Mice & Travel Workshop

22-23 January 2024 - The Hoxton Brussels:

The Podcast Edition

Join us for a fantastic MICE & Travel workshop on January 22 and 23, 2024, at the stylish The
Hoxton hotel in Brussels. It's the perfect opportunity to catch up with your reliable DMC
contacts, discover new and exciting DMCs, and get inspired by the latest trends in our
destinations to wow your clients with amazing travel ideas.


But wait, there's more! Together, we'll create a unique podcast. We'll dive into discussions
on topics like the impact of artificial intelligence on the travel industry, sustainable travel,
and the future affordability of our adventures. If you're a travel professional who likes
staying informed, this event is tailor-made for you!

**How does it work?*

Event Concept & Agenda

Monday 22 January 2024

19h00 – 22h00


Casual New Year’s dinner with our dmc’s at The Apartment at The Hoxton​

On Monday, January 22nd, it's time to treat yourself! Leave your office a bit early today and head over to The Hoxton. Get settled into a super cozy room where you can relax and get ready for our walking dinner. Our awesome dmc's are waiting for you at 'The Apartment' for a casual walking dinner, just like they're inviting you to their own home. We'll toast to the new year, chat over a good glass of wine, and might even end up enjoying one last drink at the cozy lobby bar. Join us in style and in a relaxed atmosphere — it's all about having a great time!

Overnight at The Hoxton at own expense.

  • If yes, please book your room online using this code 'iris'

Tuesday 23 January 2024

9h00 – 17h00


Full day co-working with our dmc’s and other suppliers.

Today, our doors are wide open all day long, just for you. Pop by whenever it suits you! Our dmc's and other suppliers will be around from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, hanging out in the cozy lounges of The Hoxton's co-working area in Brussels. It's a day dedicated to "collaboration," featuring local agencies, hotels, and airlines. Whether you're seeking inspiration for new destinations or want to hash out a specific travel program, we're here to give you all the time you need to sit down with our dmc's without any rush. Feel free to bring your laptop if you want to keep the vibe going and work in that cozy atmosphere.




Contribute to our Travel Trend Report Podcast and share a 2 minute interview with us. 

We're diving headfirst into the trends of the travel industry, and we want you there! In cahoots with the dynamic duo, Nadia and Yana from '50 Koffies', we're hitting the studio to cook up a podcast about the ins and outs of our travel world. Got burning questions or a vision you're dying to share? Secure your spot for a 2-minute fame session on our epic industry podcast!

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